The cultivation mode of rice and shrimp was adopted to build a ten-billion industry of rice and shri


Crayfish is a popular food ingredient, and Hunan province is a giant in the market. Nanxian county, in Dongting Lake District, hunan Province, is breeding crayfish in rice fields, making the local crayfish industry a thriving one.

On April 18, hunan province paddy field comprehensive planting and breeding promotion field meeting was held in Nan County.

According to the county report, this year the county rice and shrimp planting area of 270,000 mu, second only to Jiangsu Xuyi, Hubei Qianjiang, among the national top three.

The rice field raises shrimp to see the South county, the meeting representative opens the horizon.

The county big lang cheng rice shrimp demonstration base, last year to carry out rice shrimp breeding.

Ou Shuqiu, a villager, introduced on the spot that the crawfish is ventilated for rice, loose mud, eat insect, weed, reduce to hit pesticide, shrimp rice quality is good;

Each mu of rice field produces 155kg crayfish, with an average income of more than 4,000 yuan.

Shun Xiang fisheries company to develop freshwater crayfish, processing whole shrimp, shrimp, shrimp powder and other products, exported to the European Union, the United States, the annual foreign exchange of 30 million DOLLARS.

In 2015, the rice and shrimp farming area of Nanxian county was only 80,000 mu, and this year it has grown to 270,000 mu, ranking among the top three in China.

The Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Aquatic Products of Hunan Province and the General Station of Agricultural Technology Extension of Hunan Province provided technical training and other support, which enabled farmers to grow and raise rice and shrimp vigorously.

The Party committee and government of Nanxian County guide shrimp farmers to follow the road of integration of "planting, breeding, agriculture, industry and trade", lengthen the chain of increasing income, and the crayfish industry quickly "jump up red".

Nanxian rice and shrimp farming, the realization of the "one water dual use, one field double harvest."

In 2016, the county processed 15,000 tons of crayfish and 100,000 tons of high-quality shrimp rice, achieving an output value of more than 1 billion yuan, which is expected to break through 2 billion yuan this year.

In the next 5 years, Nanxian county will focus on the construction of "Dongting shrimp World", highlighting "Dongting Lobster Bay", "Customs lobster Street", "Rice shrimp National Agricultural Park", "Dongting shrimp City", "Lobster industrial Park", "Dongting shrimp town" and other six theme functional areas, to create rice shrimp billion industry.